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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 12, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," hope and healing in the city of dallas. president obama set to arrive in the wake of the deadly attack on police. this as we hear from the gunman's father condemning his son's actions. >> tornadoes touching down and causing major damage. this as wildfires continue to burn in the west. two firefighters killed as crews try to cob stain a barrage of blazes across the region. >> christmas in july. >> amazon's prime day deals go live. but other retailers are looking to cash in as well. we'll tell you what deals to look out for. >> and the new list of the 1% when it comes to celebrities. can you guess who made it to
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the answer, might surprise some. it's tuesday, july 12th. >> from abc news, this is world news now. >> good morning, i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm kendis gibson. in dallas it's been a tough week marked by a series of services for those five fallen police officers. >> after a candle light vigil last night, the first funerals held tomorrow, and today the president and the first lady are heading to dallas for an interfaith memorial service. they'll hold a private meeting to console the families. >> investigators are trying to make sense of the initials the gunman scrawled using his own blood and they're pouring nearly 200 hours of body cam video to make sure he acted alone. more from dallas. ♪ >> reporter: at a candle lig
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slain dallas officers. >> brent thompson was my friend. he is a hero. >> reporter: the community and police side by side. >> what it did was galvanized us. >> black lives matter. >> reporter: a stark contrast to events around the country. >> no racist police. >> reporter: protests over police killings of two black men spark outrage. we're now learning more about the sniper who targeted white officers and according to authorities was planning a much larger attack. nvkt investigators say it was at a home shared with his mother where micah johnson had a stockpile of bomb making materials. for the first time his parents speaking out in an interview with the blaze. >> i don't know what to say to make anything better. i didn't see it coming. >> he was a good son. he was a good son.
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>> i love my son with all my heart. i hate what he did. >> reporter: authorities believe the 25-year-old army vet fast tracked his plans to murder police. dr. brian williams was one of the doctors who worked to save their lives. >> we have to come together and end all this. >> reporter: dallas's police chief says he has a solution. >> serve your communities. don't be a part of the problem. we're hiring. we're hiring. >> reporter: and many more people contacting dallas police to join the force in the wake of the shootings. today president obama and the first lady will pay their respects and honor the fallen victims and their families. >> our thanks. once again, we should mention that abc news will offer a special report of the president's speech and that of george w. bush. another tragedy. two more law enforcement officers died in the line of duty at a courthou i
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michigan. bailiffs were escorting a prisoner from a holding cell to a courtroom when the man grabbed a deputy sheriff's gun. >> he shot and killed two of the bailiffs and injured a civilian. he also took hostages trying to escape the courthouse. >> we have broken hearts today for what occurred at the courthouse. now i'm going to give the names of the deceased who are my close friends, joe zangaro, and ron kinzoe. they were 61 and 63. it's with broken hearts we stand here today. >> reporter: the sheriff says the prisoner wasn't handcuffed because he hadn't shown a tendency of violence. but he was in jail on charges of kidnapping, sexual assault, and obstructing police. the two people wounded are expected to survive. >> in baltimore five people shot. a gunman opened fire for a
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during the vigil for a 24-year-old man who was killed on the sunday. the victim victims have injuries to their feet and legs. no arrest in the earlier killing and the mother of the victim asked her family not to retaliate. dozens of demonstrators arrested on a minneapolis interstate will be charged. with third degree riot. they were protesting against the death of philando castile. he was shot by a st. anthony police officer wednesday night. one person was charged with a felony for throwing rocks at a police. one officer suffered a spinal injury. >> a show of unity by the democrats a month after the final primary. bernie sanders is expected to endorse hillary clinton today at a rally in new hampshire. sanders managed to get some of the most liberal policies into the democratic platform. among them, free college tuition for more families and a $15 minimum wage. and a proposal to break
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banks. days ahead of the republican convention, a judge has cleared the way for a gop who vote his conscious, over phenomenon it's not for donald trump. coral sued. despite the federal ruling, it's up to the republican national committee to decide if delegates are bound to vote for trump. >> loretta lynch expected to answer tough questions on capitol hill. she said she and mr. clinton discussed nonpolitical subjects like grandchildren and golf. the meeting raised questions because it came days before a decision was reached on whether hillary clinton would face criminal charges. over her e-mail account. ash carter announced the u.s. will deploy another 560 troops to iraq bringing the total u.s. troop level for the country to just over 4600. carter made the announcement during a visit to iraq.
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the additional troops will provide infrastructure and logistical support. in the effort to retake mosul from isis. >> powerful storms pounding parts of the upper midwest right now. earlier they caused some extensive damage in central minnesota. a tornado touched down yesterday afternoon destroying two homes in lynchfield. several homes were damaged by powerful winds. a twister skipped a couple towns where a nursing home was hit. the weather is moving to wisconsin and michigan today. two firefighters killed while fighting a wildfire in northern nevada. tire failure may have caused their truck to roll over. the fire is more than a dozen in western states right now. clayton san dell has the details. >> reporter: more than a dozen big blazes are lighting up six states. fire warnings from arizona to south dakota. near boulder, colorado, this 600 acre blaze has destroyed five homes. sheyrl wiles was lucky. her home was saved thanks to firefighters. >> whatever can you say?
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they're the volunteers. saving their neighborhood. we're very, very thankful. >> reporter: this house now in ashes belonged to a local firefight and his wife, a volunteer paramedic, after losing their home, both went right back to work. >> they've been -- so entrenched in the emergency field that they're pillars of the community. >> reporter: some of the 2,000 evacuees are at a local shelter. these two men were there, interviewed bay local newspaper. >> reporter: but they were arrested sunday for felony arson. the sheriff blames their campfire for starting the blaze. you can see some of the helicopters here to drop water. the big concern, the winds that could push the flames even further. abc news, colorado. now here's a look at your weather.
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we expect a comfortable day in the northeast. there will be scattered showers and storms in parts of the south. parts of the midwest will see more severe storms and showers will also move into the pacific northwest and the northern rockies. >> temperatures in the 80s in the east. 90s in the south and midwest. mercury hitting triple digits in the southwest. but it will be rather cool in the northwest, around 70. so today marks amazon's second annual prime day. remember the first one. it was awesome. plenty of bargains. >> are we slow clapping? >> it's a fast clap. actually. some lasting only a few hours or minutes. >> get there fast. they're branding this prime day as their biggest global event ever. >> huge. >> last year amazon reported 35 million in sales. that's 398 items per second.
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deals available today. $500 off an hp notebook. and 30% off the fire h.d. tablet. normally it sells for $100. >> how about this? 44 % off this ninja turtle bicycle helmet. every child's dream. >> i have always wanted one of those. >> if you want your house to get egged. >> i think i know why you're excited. >> oh. [ laughter ] >> uh-huh. i got that one ahead of time. i paid full price. >> that is -- >> because i knew how badly you wanted it. i wish i had known about prime day. >> that's really touching. >> but now i can get a matching one because we get a deal. >> that's really great. >> coming up in "the skinny," the richest of the rich. the list of the highest paid celebrities. see if you can guess who made it into the top five. >> and the flight emergency on
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pilot of this united airlines plane was forced to put on the brax second -- brakes seconds before liftoff.
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and there's a range of plans to choose from, depending on you needs and your budget. so if you're turning 65 soon, call now and get started. because the time to think about today. go long. >> now a bizarre scene in houston. even kids were looking on. a naked man decided to go for a swim in mcgovern lake. police and fire crews tried to coax him out of the water before a dive team wrestled him into a raft. he was then taken to the hospital. no word yet
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if he was under the influence of anything at the time. >> also in houston, a runway scare at an airport. >> united airlines jet was forced to abort takeoff as >> the pilot slammed on the breaks seconds before lifting off. >> reporter: passengers recounting the terrifying takeoff. the pilot slamming on the brakes over fears of a possible problem. >> i think we blew a fire. >> you sparks coming out your left side. we'll get you help out there. >> reporter: megaand her husband taking pictures of the emergency crews who responded. >> they were going so fast. i was scared. >> reporter: united airlines telling us two tires blew out when the pilot hit the brakes. a similar problem two months ago on another united flight.
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the plane in smoke. >> usually the only time you see tires blow in tandem is when the crew has asked so much of the braking system that it locked up the tires. >> reporter: no one was injured. all planes have anti-skidding technology to make sure the tires don't pop. something the airlines will be investigating. >> when we come back, can you guess the top earning celebrity. here's a hint. her earnings probably surpassed your wildest dreams. >> that's a hint, right? >> that was a hint. >> any clue? >> and then there's something about kim kardashian. she landed on the cover of forbes magazine. wildest dreams?
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♪ well, topping the headlines this morning, the woman who is topping the list of the world's highest paid celebrities. >> forbes magazine says the honor goes to taylor swift. >> because she had a song wildest creams. >> there you go. that was the hint. from june of 2015 to june of 2016 she pulled in $170 million. >> not bad. >> number two on the list, one
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rigged in $110 million last year. >> how? a third from the world of publishing, >> james patterson at 95 million. a best selling author. he turns out more than a dozen books a year. with the help of co-authors. many of the books have moved on screen. >> fourth, the tough talking tv host, dr. phil mcgraw at $88 million. >> there's a tie for fourth. the world's most popular athlete, christiana renaldo also brought in number four. >> and wrapping up the top five, kevin hart at 87.5. i think the half is probably a joke on his height. maybe not? he's the first comedian to ever make more than jerry seinfeld. >> together they pulled in $5.1 billion. that's with a b, before taxes.
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>> celebrities, they're just like us. >> next, guess who landed herself on the upcoming cover of forbes? >> kim kardashian is the top mobile mogul making $45 million on her mobile game. >> mobile mogul. that's tough. >> and if you're not familiar with the game, it enables player to create their own celebrity, befriend kim and work their way onto the a-list. >> it's on the same month she also landed on the cover of gq nude holding a black leather jacket for the tenth annual love, sex and madness issue. >> and good news at abc. >> whoopi goldberg re-upped for the view. >> she's the second longest serving member of the current cast. she's been at the desk since 2007. >> it is for the other
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and goings, they say joy behar will return this fall for the show east 20 th season. >> can you imagine that? >> finally some celebrity real estate news. >> christy brinkley is apparently about to end an era. the supermodel is selling her hamptons estate after living there for 18 years. >> known as tower hill. it's a dutch colonial mansion built in 1891, and it showcases views from a 50-foot observation tower that span from the atlantic ocean to the connecticut shoreline. >> that's kind of neat. >> the 11,000 square foot home sits on 20 acres of prime lush property and boasts nine bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, swim ing pool, tennis court, a gym, a greenhouse, conservatory, all for just $29.5 million. >> huh. 29.5 million. i'm trying to figure out how many people need to go in to afford it.
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>> 29 million people. everyone throw in a buck? >> i think taylor swift could afford it. buck? >> i think taylor swift could afford it.
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k-y touch. ♪ we have a date on july 22nd. gma. >> to see sia. sia, i love you. >> it's been hard to miss here in new york city. a number of people walking around like zombies staring at their smart phones. >> many of them are obsessed with a red hot pokemon app that's catching their attention and also the attention of law enforcement. >> reporter: it's the latest craze across the country. pokemon go, the app going viral
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with more android users than tinder. number one in the i tunes store. based off the 1990s series in playing cards, they mix the virtual world with reality. using the gps and camera, it lets you see and catch pokemon everywhere you go. over the weekend, the hash tag pokemon go trending. nintendo stock price soaring adding $9 billion in one week. we're outside of central park. it looks like it's filled with pokemon, of course i had to give it my own test run. where is he? even making new friends along the way. this is what i've caught so far. >> that's pretty good. >> i got three of them. the craze hasn't been all fun and games.
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in wyoming one user happened upon a dead body while playing and in missouri authorities say armed robbers used the app's location feature to target victims. in a joint statement e-mailed to abc news, the pokemon company commenting on the safety concerns surrounding the app. writing we are aware that some incidents have occurred involve ing fans playing pokemon go. we encourage all people playing to be aware of their surroundings, which is exactly what i plan to do. trying to catch them all in new york. >> i think there's one over there. >> kendis is trying to figure out how the app works. >> i caught one pokemon yesterday in my office. >> that was my accident? >> it was kind of weird. >> they say nothing is free, and the price in this case, people should know, the company behind the game shares all of your precise locations, files and cameras with third parties including law enforcement.
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making news in america this morning, comforter in chief. president obama heads to dallas. overnight thousands coming to the and the police chief promising to follow every lead. did the gun mann act alone? also today bernie sanders is putting the primary campaign behind him and offering his endorsement of hillary clinton. this while donald trump ran swih a law enforcement candidate. dangerous storms tearing up parts of the upper midwest. where it is heading today. see what happens when kayakers in san francisco bay stumble upon several whales in a feeding frenzy. a goodue


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